About Perth Triathlon Club


Welcome to Perth Triathlon Club.


We're a young club established in June 2015 by Rob Suriano along with support from a keen and dedicated group of triathletes.  

At the time Rob had been involved in the sport of triathlon for over 20 years and decided that he had at least 2 more years of coaching to give to the sport of triathlon and that is exactly what he did.       

The club quickly grew into one of Perth's most popular clubs providing a welcoming, friendly and social environment for triathletes of all levels of fitness and abilities. Rob no longer coaches for Perth Triathlon Club but we're extremely grateful for the great environment he created.

Since 2015 the club  has grown to become a a group of all level multi sport athletes – swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes who socialise, train and race together.


We welcome weekend warriors to Ironman competitors and have built a friendly multi sport community that educates, empowers and inspires each athlete to live and train at their best. We're full of energy and are always looking for more positive people to join us. With our membership demographics covering a wide range of abilities and ages and with an equal mix of genders, our club will have something to offer you.

We run a number of regular weekly sessions and also run  specific programs tailored  to WA triathlon and endurance events.

In 2017 Perth Triathlon Club partnered with Triathlon Western Australia  and  Healthway, to form the first Australia paratriathlon program in WA.  This project encompassed the ethos of our club as a diverse and all inclusive club, welcoming anyone of any ability into the sport of triathlon.  

Just as much as we love to train... we love to socialise and party.  We enjoy social gatherings where our members, families and friends can share their experiences.  With training sessions scheduled most days of the week, you may wonder whether there's ever time to socialise.  It's a tough challenge, but we manage it somehow!


Club Membership

Membership for Perth Triathlon Club is available via the Triathlon WA  membership portal. This ensures our members receive all of the benefits, including insurance, offered to members of Triathlon Australia. Membership is renewed annually and runs from 1 July to 30 June. 

Triathlon WA is the governing body for triathlon in WA. We are aligned with Triathlon WA and Triathlon Australia. By joining, you are not only joining a club but also supporting the sport at a State and National level. 

If you are not a member of Triathlon WA you will need to join and at the same time join a club (Perth Triathlon Club in this case). During the joining process you will be asked to choose a club and this is when you select Perth Triathlon Club.

If you are a member of another club, you can join us as a secondary member (club fee payable only).  



1. Triathlon Australia and Perth Triathlon Club (12months membership  June -July) -   $220.50

2. 8 Week Triathlon Australia pass - $20

3. 14 Day Try before you buy Triathlon Australia pass - Free

4. Secondary Club member (already a member at another club) - $70



Club Coaches

Anne de Rover