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Novice Program


70.3 Training Program


February 2018
Ironman 70.3 Busselton is WA's premier triathlon event. The 
12 week training programme will provide you with the appropriate training and skills to complete this race. 

The programme will cover:

  • A full 12 week course covering all your training needs

  • weekly training sessions aligned with our PTC club training

  • Access to experienced athletes who have competed the race many times

  • Facebook group page to share progress and meet other athletes

 Considerations before joining the programme:

  • 70.3 athletes should consider they will need to spend 10-20 hours a week training and should have a good level of base fitness.

  • The program commences on February 12th and concludes on May 6th at the race.

  • For insurance purposes, you must be a member of Perth Triathlon Club to participate in this programme. Club membership details are available on our web site.

• 2 cycles - one being

• 2 swims – Options Monday evening Cockburn, Wed/Fri morning HBF

4-5 Weeks of base training should include:

Base Training - The main aim of base training is to establish a solid foundation of fitness. The intensity should vary from low to medium. The training calendar for January should cover your base training needs.

If you have registered for Busselton 70.3 please see below some important information about base training prior to commencing the programme on 12 February.
 to register your you would like to participate in the 70.3 programme please email  - 
a long cycle hills or river leaving Sundays from EQ. Tuesday and Thursday cycles are also planned morning cycles on the Jan calendar.

• 2 runs – a long slow run (LSD) commencing at 45-60mins and increasing up to 70 mins by the 12 Feb. The other run should be an interval session. These are held on a Tuesday at 6pm Yokine reserve.

• Brick Session – These are $5 sessions on Sat morning and include a ride and run off the bike

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