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Around the Club - May

Busso 70.3 Wrap - What a Weekend!

We trained hard, we raced hard but more importantly we had a great time!

Thank you to the hard work of our coaches Anne, Nicole and Birdy. You provided us with a great program and the support on race day was incredible.

Huge shout out to our super Busso heroes Louise, Birdy and Anne. You guys are an incredible team! Thank you for all your support on the day and preparation beforehand. We had the best tent with the best support on club alley, hands down!


End of Season Wind Up

Sunday, May 16, 3pm-6pm

Members are invited to our end of season wind up. Venue and nibbles provided, drinks at bar prices. Awards will be given in the categories below. Nominations will open in our Group page on Facebook today for the following awards -

1. Most Improved Triathlete of the Year:

This Award recognises the club member who has made the most significant gains in the sport of triathlon for the season regardless of podium results. The recipient of this award has made marked improvements in their personal athletic performance across the three disciplines. This may be reflected more significantly in one or more of the three fields. They would commonly be considered a familiar face at training sessions.

2. Rookie of the Year:

The recipient of this award will be a new member to the club for the season. They may or may not have completed the beginners course. They have a passion for the sport of triathlon, participating in club training sessions and generally considered to have found success in the sport this season

3. Clubbie of the Year:

This award will go to a club member or supporter considered to be most involved in general club activities such as competition, event organisation and support activities. This individual gives their time in the cause of ensuring the running of events and functions, and has the interests of the club and all members at heart. This person does not have to be a competitive member but widely considered a keen supporter and team builder within the club. They are a positive influence on members both at training sessions and races.

4. Rob Slim Wiles Gutsy Award:

To be awarded to a member of the club who has proven themselves to be particularly outstanding or gutsy throughout or at a point during the season. They may be considered to have gone above and beyond what would normally be expected as reflected in their actions in training or competition. They may have come to the assistance of a fellow athlete (club member or not). This person would be considered a courageous or compassionate member of the club.

5. Golden Chain Set Award:

This is a traditional award, recognising those of us who manage to do something stupid in the pursuit of triathlon excellence.

6. Triathlete of the Year:

This Award recognises the club member that excels in the sport of triathlon whilst competing for the club. This member has been a consistent high performer in races in their category for the season. They possess attributes such as positive attitude, perseverance, drive and determination. They are an active member of the club, participating in training sessions and special events.

7. Coaches Awards:

  • Beginner of the season

  • Coaches athlete award


Bunnings Sausage Sizzle - Sunday 30 May Bunnings Subiaco

This is our big fundraiser for the year and we would love to have your help. Anything from one hour up, would be appreciated. Turning sausages, taking orders or cutting rolls we have a job for you! Look out for a roster which will appear on FB in the coming weeks. The more help, the more sausages sold, the more funds for our great club!


GO Membership - The New Membership Platform from Triathlon Australia

Membership renewal for 2021/2022 season will see the implementation of the Go Membership platform. Triathlon Australia has introduced this new platform to help clubs simplify and streamline their membership database.

What does this mean for our club and you, our members?

Not much will change for our members. You will be required to renew your membership during June. Those relying on auto renew will need to update their details for the new system. We will alert members via Facebook when it's time to renew. We want to make it as easy as possible!


Winter Training

Here is a sneak peek at some of the training and programs coming up for Winter.


Yoga - Janina Ritschel

4-weeks, starts 5 May

Run Program (10, 21 & 42.2km)- Graham Bird 12-weeks, starts 18 May

Preparing for the following races - *Race date: 1 August @ Perth Half Marathon *Race date: 10 October @ Perth Marathon (aimed at those training for a full Ironman) Data Night - Michael Corry *Date tbc JUNE Ironman Program - Anne De Rover *6-months, starts 1 June

Camping & Trail Training -

The Backyard June 12-13 (more details to follow)


Swim Technique Bootcamp -

Anne De Rover

4-weeks AUGUST Power Clinic - Graham Bird

*4-weeks, starts 3 August SEPTEMBER 70.3 Ironman Program - Nicole Papas

*12-weeks, starts 7 September Beginners Program- Kaz Woods *8-weeks, Date tbc after release of TWA race calendar


Join Us for Zoom Yoga

A Guide to the Acronym Hell of Training Peaks

Are you having trouble working out what all the acronyms are?

This info graph might help!

Training peaks infographic
Download PDF • 116KB

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