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Club Membership Fees & Info


Joining PTC

PTC is a structured sporting club and is aligned with Triathlon WA (TWA) and Triathlon Australia (TA). By joining PTC, you are not only joining a club but you are also supporting the sport at a State and National level. We thank you for your support.


If you are not a member of TWA (the governing body of triathlon in this state) then you need to join TWA and at the same time join a club (Perth in this case).


This can all be done on line by 

clicking  HERE or at the following link..  

During the process you will be asked to choose a club and this is when you select Perth Tri Club.


TWA / TA annual fees (July to June) are $130 and then there is the PTC membership fee (adult = $55) which pays for the club’s basic admin and club-based expenses 

The benefits of being a TWA / TA member are listed HERE or by following the link below

If you are a member of another club, you can join us as a secondary member (club fee payable only). For details on how to complete this process or for any other queries, please drop me an email or phone 0419 107 932.

Membership to Perth Triathlon Club is available via the Triathlon Australia Membership Portal. This ensures our members receive all of the benefits, including insurance, offered to members of Triathlon Australia. Membership is renewed annually and runs from 1 July to 30 June. Below is a table of the current membership fees:









* Please note that there is a 5% processing fee from the Active Works company you sign on.

** Family Discount 1: Any 2 Adult(Adult) and 2 or more Junior(Junior) get 25.00% off ($105)

** Family Discount 2: Any 1 Adult(Adult) and 2 or more Junior(Junior) get 20.00% off ($72) 

# Secondary Memberships: This is where you have joined another club as your primary club, but you would still like to join PTC to attend training sessions and enjoy the benefits that are associated with being a member. Please contact us to guide you through the process.


To access the portal, and join the club, you can click HERE. Be sure to select Perth Triathlon Club.


If you need any assistance or advice with the process, for example Secondary Club Membership, please contact us

Training with PTC

IF you intend to train with us in any capacity, you will be required to fill in an athlete questionnaire and waiver.  Please note, this is using the Resister Now website, but there will be a $0 fee at the checkout.

Please click HERE to complete the questionnaire.

You then have the option of signing onto a one of the monthly training options or attending sessions on a casual basis. Note that a number of "Club Sessions" are provided at no cost. See the training schedule for further details.


Not Intending to Train With PTC

We appreciate that some people may simply want to join our club with no intention of training with the club (they simply join as part of their membership) and we have no issue with this and we appreciate the support.


You will still receive our communications and invitations to social events etc, and you are always welcome to attend a club training session, however please fill in the questionnaire as per above.


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