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Who's up for travelling to Perth, Scotland - that's 14,689kms away?!

Well, in June that's pretty much what we'll be doing! Our sister club, Perth Triathlon Club in Scotland, have reached out to us and laid down the challenge - so together we've come up with a friendly virtual challenge to keep us all motivated for the month. So put your inhibitions aside, as we'll be working together as a club to see how long it takes us to get there. Here's the rules of engagement:

- you can record any activity to add to the collective total - run, cycle, swim, walk, kayak, surf... pretty much anything that isn't motorised! - Perth Triathlon Club Scotland will be doing the same thing, and letting us know how they're getting on. First club to 14,689kms is the winner! - You need to formally sign up for the challenge via the Facebook post to follow in the next week.

Some of the prizes up for grabs - - 1x TA annual membership including PTC club membership - value $207 - 1x 60min float at Beyond Rest Wembley - value $79 - 2x Fiski google packs with 2 pairs per pack - value $54 each - 2x triathlon survival kit containing waterproof phone pouch, poncho, mini first aid kit - value $30 each - 1x Keep On Running voucher - value $75 - 1x HBF Stadium aqua card with 10 visits - value $59 - 2x race nutrition bundles - value $30 each - various other spot prizes (club kit, caps etc) You MUST be a current financial member of PTC to be eligible for the prizes, but not to participate in the Perth to Perth Challenge.

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