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Around the Club - June


A big thank you to all our club members who came down and helped out last weekend. That includes those who cooked, cleaned, took orders, cut rolls, applied sauces, sold drinks and spruiked their hearts out (not mentioning any names except Scott).

Thank you, also goes to those of you who donated virtually and those who came and ate as many snags as they could....all in the spirit of fund raising for our club!

We raised $1528.10 in total which was a Bunnings Subiaco record...Scott I think you might get a call back from Bunnings.

Massive thanks to Total Security

for generously donating the cost

of all of our expenses; that means

all the money raised goes straight

back to the club.



It's that time of year again when we look to you for support of our great club.

You may have received an email from Triathlon Australia about the new

GO Membership platform. The email takes you through the process but if you need some help please yell out. For those who haven't received an email but would like to renew or become members please see below for more information. GO Membership allows you to choose from the packages below. I think most will see value in the standard package but it's entirely up to you and your training commitments over the next season. For more information download the pdf below for a closer look at the benefits of each package.

2021_22 Membership Guide
Download PDF • 6.70MB
Triathlon Australia membership step by s
Download • 1.55MB



Our PTC Awards afternoon was held at Hylin Back Bar. It was a great to swap the lycra and goggles for an afternoon of celebration. We had a lot to be grateful for across season 2021. Thank you to our committee for organizing the award gifts and presentations. And thank you to The Back Bar for great drinks, food and venue.

The club would like to thank the dedicated work of all coaches and committee.

A lot is happening in the background in order to maintain the framework of the club! A huge congratulations to all of our athletes and supporters who competed on the course and helped out at various races and club functions.

We are really proud of our fantastic club!

And the Oscar goes to...

Triathlete of the Year - Michael C🏆 Rookie of the Year - Claire🥇 Most Improved of the Year - Antoinette🥇 Clubbie of the Year - Mario🥇 Golden Chain Award - Victor🥇 Most Gutsy of the Year - Victor🥇 Coaches' Award to Outstanding Members - JP and Jia🏆 Coaches' Award to Outstanding Beginners - Charmaine🏆

Congratulations and well done!

We are looking forward to the new season!



Thanks to Michael for giving up his time to go through some of the fundamentals of Training Peaks with us. Expect to learn about essential basic Training Peaks training concepts, such as your Performance Management data (Form, Fitness & Fatigue), Intensity Factor (IF) and Training Stress Scores (TSS), as well as some slightly more advanced ways of tracking your performance, and finally, how to set up your Zone and Threshold settings correctly to ensure your data is accurate, to give you the best feedback on your training gains. Finally, he's promised to give some fun tech tips for getting more out of your devices day to day. Please come prepared with either; your most recent race or benchmark results, garmin devices, garmin connect and trainingpeaks logins and your laptop as this will be a hands on around the table session. Starting at 7pm on Tuesday 15 June at Michael's work in the city (TBC)


WINTER TRAINING - Technique months

During the months of June, July and August we will be introducing technique months.

Starting with running in June, swimming in July cycling and transitions in August.

These technique months aim to focus on improving our technique in each discipline by concentrating on skills and drills at training. Our coaches will explain at the session (and on Facebook), the particular skill that they will be working on for the week, with some time to practice and an opportunity for feedback at each session.

Coach Birdy has started off this week with strides at running.

Look out for next weeks technique lesson.

During Winter we are concentrating on running and coach Birdy has put together a great program along with a number of target races and events. Please see below for more details.



This is a new training session which will start on Monday, June 14 for 10 weeks.

Thank you to those who have committed; you'll be contacted this week.

It's not too late to sign up. The sessions will run from 6 -7am at City Beach Football club. Mike Lee from Aspire fitness will run the sessions at a cost of $15 a session/ $150 for 10 weeks. He will be using a strength and conditioning program designed specifically for triathletes.



It's not too late to sign up for the June course with Janina!



No, we didn't do what the GIF suggests!

Thanks to all those who completed the coaching survey. Our coaches had some great feedback which they have used to develop their upcoming programs for the next season.

As a committee we welcome any suggestions or feedback you might have. Generally we meet every 4 weeks. Please message us or email your ideas to

If you would like to be involved in the committee please let us know. Our AGM will be held at the end of the year, when committee positions become vacant but there's always a job that needs to be done!



Thanks to Shiv who has had some great suggestions about organizing our photos and files on Facebook. If you have any photos that you would like to upload, could we ask you to store them in a folder with the name of the event. To get to photos - go to media on the More tab - see below. If the folder doesn't exist please make one, so that others can use it too. Going forward this will mean that we have a better more organized system.

The coaches and committee will also start to use the file upload on the group Facebook page more regularly. This is located as seen below on the More tab too.

Look out for resources such as updated policies, racing lists, technique and skills that we are working on across the next 3 months, tips on racing and nutrition.



Huge congratulations to Erin and Mario on the much anticipated arrival of Leo. What beauty he is. We are all thrilled for you both. The PTC family is growing!



As you are aware we are quite the expert users of social media. If you don't want to have your photo uploaded onto our public page or on our website, please let us know via email -

Our Social Media policy has been uploaded into the files section on our group page for you to view.



June 1 - Ironman program commences

June 12-13 –Birdy's Backyard Camping Trail Weekend

June 13 – Rottnest Running Festival (10km & 21km)

June 14 - Monday 6-7am start of strength and conditioning program 10 weeks City Beach

June 15 - Training Peaks seminar with Michael Corry 7pm

June 25-27 – Wild Goose Chase (trail) Running Festival

July 11 - Eagle & Child (10/22km)

July 18 – Lake Joondalup (5/10km)

August 1 – Perth Half Marathon (21.1km)

August 29 – Runnings Works Festival (6/12/21/42/50km)

September 6- Beginners Program commences

September 7 - 70.3 program commences

October 10 – Perth Marathon (42.2km)

October 15-17 Training camp Yallingup (TBC)

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